About Polar 3D

Polar3D is a technology company delivering software, products and content to educate and enable a world for “making” through the Polar Cloud.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, USA the Company's Polar Cloud makes 3D printing universally accessible by giving anyone with a browser the ability to create and transform digital models into physical objects.   It's about educating and enabling a future for digital manufacturing by building the Polar Cloud into the largest 3D printing & making ecosystem in the world.  To that end, the Company and its partners are committed to publishing content on the Polar Cloud to enrich the member experience, including curriculum to drive the advance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

The Polar Cloud is a community of students, educators and entrepreneurs from 95 countries collaborating on a platform that networks leading 3D printing machines to bring design, project based learning and the art of "making" to every classroom and showroom in the world.  With the Polar Cloud, the platform for making, all you need is a browser.



Polar 3D began life in XXX as a manufacturer of a pioneering 3D printer. Our printer uses the Polar Coordinates systems, which lets users print a huge build volume using fewer parts for greater reliability and lower build costs.

As the company evolved, we recognized the need to provide both 3D printing focused curriculum and a platform for making that would simplify the design process. So we acquired Steamtrax curriculum, partnered with Makers Empire and created the Polar Cloud as a free online platform for making. We also partnered with GE to create the GE Additive 3D printing program for schools to help develop future talent in STEM, engineering and making.

Today, our cloud-based platform, the Polar Cloud, is the making platform for members in over 95 countries to access networked 3D printers from over 60 countries. Together, we’re helping to change the future of making and manufacturing.  



The Polar3D team comprises experienced and expert engineers, educators and managers.