Polar Ambassador

Are You Ready?

Were you the first in your class to work closely with the Polar 3D printer? Did you develop a curriculum that takes advantage of having a 3D printer in the classroom? Are you always the first to answer a question on the support forums? You might be just the person we’re looking for!

Polar Ambassadors are the rock stars of the 3D printing world, the users who design in CAD, troubleshoot problems, and encourage their friends to try out the technology. We’re looking for students and educators who want to help us get the Polar 3D Printer into more schools, and get more people into 3D printing.

A Polar Ambassador has a few responsibilities:

Suggested Activities:

  • Support their school community; answer questions, do demonstrations, and assist with troubleshooting problems.
  • Provide monthly feedback on usage of 3D printers at their school. If your school has a Polar 3D Printer, provide specific feedback on its use.
  • Monitor the Polar 3D Support forums and answer questions.
  • Participate in the Polar 3D forums with informative and helpful posts.
  • Drive traffic to the Polar Challenges. Help spread the word on Polar Challenges, enter Challenges, and encourage your friends, students, or classmates to participate.
  • Design and submit objects on the Polar Cloud (with an explanation of how it can be used in an educational setting).
  • Blog & Video your experiments with 3D printing. We ask that Ambassadors provide 6 blog posts/videos during a 6-month period.
  • Weekly engagement with the Polar 3D Facebook Page and Twitter account; promotion of your own published blogs and videos on your social media channels.


Ambassadors discover, create, and share prints that are popular in their communities and Polar-Proof them – testing the prints, optimizing them for the Polar 3D Printer, and sharing the proven prints on the Polar Cloud. Conduct demonstrations of the Polar 3D printer in your local community, and provide us with a write-up of the demonstration including feedback and sales prospects.


Perks and Rewards:

  • Replacement filament based on participation
  • Featured profile on the Polar Cloud
  • Bragging rights & promotion from our social media team
  • The first to hear about and test out our newest feature & product ideas

Applications will be reviewed and answered within 4-6 weeks of submission.