3D Printing Circles: A Review of the Polar 3D Printer


Hazzard Design  did an in-depth, hands-on review of the Polar 3D Printer. Based in Orange County, California, husband and wife design experts Tom and Tracy Hazzard have spent more than 20 years living and designing together. Collectively they have designed and developed over 200+ retail products that generate more than $500 million dollars in revenue. They hold over 35 utility and design patents with an 86% commercialization rate – double the USPTO-reported national average.

"We first saw the Polar 3D printer when it debuted at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January, 2015. Its open design, circular build plate, and rotational movement immediately caught our attention. Fast forward to August, and Polar 3D submitted one of their printers to us for a formal review. We have now spent a considerable amount of time over the course of more than a month getting to know and understand this unusual but impressive 3D printer." - Hazzard Design Consulting

Polar 3D Time-Lapse Video Recorded During the Review

POLAR 3D Printer Review Conclusions

"Over the course of conducting this Polar 3D printer review we continued to become more impressed by its simplicity, build volume, proprietary cloud software, quiet operation, and safety features.This printer is hard to beat, especially for the price, and we recommend it, especially for students and first-time users."

READ the Polar 3D Review - "Printing in Circles" by Hazzard Design Consulting.

In addition to the in-depth review of the Polar 3D printer, Tom and Tracy Hazzard also did an interview of Polar 3D Co-Founder William Steele.

LISTEN: Hazzard Design Consulting interview with Polar 3D Co-Founder William Steele.

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