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Back To School Challenge Winner!


Back To School Challenge Winner!

We'd like to congratulate Bethany Jones, a teacher at Mason Middle School, on winning our Back-To-School Polar Challenge — with her twisty pencil holder design! We like it because it not only is a fun and functional design, but it takes advantage of the crazy geometries that can be made available only through 3D printing! 


You can find the object here on the Polar Cloud for download and we encourage you to try it out for yourself! We gave it a whirl in our offices, and love having it around

Bethany will be receiving 3 filament rolls for her winning design and we can't wait to see what else she and her students print with it! You may have noticed Bethany and her students on Twitter printing up cool items like a multicolor Mickey Mouse egg, Rubik's Cube Holder, and Golden Snitch! (see photos below) You can follow Bethany and all the cool things her students make on Twitter, @bethany_jones4.

As always, you can find the latest updates and challenges right here, or on the Polar 3D Facebook and Twitter page. We'll be announcing the next challenge very soon, so stay tuned!


3D Print Google Glasses?


3D Print Google Glasses?

Prints of the Week -

Google Glasses:


"Made my first @Googlecardboard with@Polar3D and old magnets!" Via Barry Stone @BoilerUpstone



From the article "Iteration and Re-mixing with 3D Printing," in the High School Maker publication.

The Glider


"Running my @Polar3D through its paces today with student prints. First up: glider on draft quality. Via Mary Phillips, @BCTeacher

Every Home Office Needs One


"I don't have a big space, but I finally organized a comfy home space for both my @Polar3D and my @Raspberry_Pi." Kathi Kersznowski, @Kerzi 

Drone Propellor Guards


"High school freshman designed and printed propeller guards for the ELEV-8." Via Ken Gracey, @ParallaxKen 

Ask the Weird Teacher!

df3ff2a2-458a-4b91-b7ab-d6ed1e9e30f7 "Chopped up a pen as my axle. Wheels don't stay on great, but it works." Via Doug Robertson, @theweirdteacher

First Polar 3D Print

0159ca58-211b-4694-a389-603a0967e46a"First Polar 3D Print!" via Brian Kokai - @Bkokai


Notable Recent Polar 3D Prints


Notable Recent Polar 3D Prints


Notable Recent Polar 3D Prints:

Every week we try to feature the notable examples of 3D prints from the Polar 3D Printer. This week we feature a custom hockey stick handle, a Star Wars Snowflake, and a 4-dimensional Tesseract represented in 3-dimensional space!

Custom Hockey Stick Handle

Polar 3D Printed Hockey Grip

On the Hockey Stick

Polar 3D Printed Hockey Stick HAndle

A 4-dimensional Tesseract represented in 3-dimensional space!

The Snowflake Force is Strong!

The #force is strong with this snowflake... @polar3dprinters #3d #3dprint #polar #polar3d A photo posted by @bryanzivich on

Just Having some Fun!

A Little More Fun


Join Us on Instagram


Join Us on Instagram


If you're interested in 3D printing, 3D modeling, or design thinking join Polar 3D printers on Instagram. Over the next several weeks, we're going to be publishing 3D prints of the week from users all over the country on our Instagram account. Get ideas for your own creative projects, connect with other 3D print creators to collaborate and share experiences.

#3dprinting a Samsung Galaxy edge phonecase #makered #edtech #polar3d @polar3dprinters

A video posted by Marcos Navas (@mrnavasuc) on


In addition, we're having a captioning contest for a recent video that shows thieves breaking into the Polar 3D warehouse and stealing our printers. The most original captions will be judged for creativity, humor and upvotes from social media.

Love this #3DPrinting product demo! #skulls #color #tech

A video posted by Polar 3D (@polar3dprinters) on


But most of all, we want to share all the great and funny designs and experiences that are coming into us from students, teachers and schools around the country.