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Talawanda Schools Choose Polar 3D


Talawanda Schools Choose Polar 3D

The Talawanda School District in Oxford, Ohio was recently awarded $3,500 from the Duke Energy Foundation for the purchase of six, Polar 3D printers for use in all five school buildings! Their commitment to pursuing STEM education throughout the district is awesome and we love knowing that Polar 3D printers will be many of these student's first experience with 3D Printing! We hope they're inspired and empowered by this great opportunity.

“Talawanda School District has committed to STEM Education in a variety of ways,” district STEM coordinator Ryan Barter said. “We believe students will learn by experiencing, not just listening. It is desired that students work collaboratively and gain those important soft skills that are vital to future success in any career path.”
He said the training is geared toward having students improve their skills in the areas of creativity, diligence, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and perseverance."

Talawanda High School is also partnering with Miami University in a social way as well...

"The high school has partnered with Miami University Hamilton in Project Civility, which encourages students to treat each other well. One way to do this is to reward acts of kindness by giving a student a specially-designed coin recognizing that act. Those coins are currently provided as part of the partnership, but that may change thanks to the new 3-D printers.
“We will make our own coins,” Holli Morrish, the district’s director of communication and public relations, said, adding high school students are planning the project. “The Youth Initiative Team has taken leadership. Students will have an art contest to design our coins. The focus on STEM is very modern and we can use it for Project Civility and tie it to district initiatives.”

Plus, the district is building two MakerSpaces for the students as well!

“The school district will supply a dedicated classroom space at the middle school and the high school for these MakerSpaces,” Barter said. “We will also provide computers with appropriate software, like Tinkercad or AutoCAD, and many supplies for students and teachers to be creative.”

It's so exciting to see a school district going in so wholeheartedly into STEM education and 3D Printing at all levels of education! To read more, check out the full article here. Congratulations Talawanda, we can't wait to see what you create!


Apple Wants Everyone To Code


Apple Wants Everyone To Code

At Apple's iPhone 7 Keynote Event earlier this week, CEO Tim Cook spent a sizable amount of time promoting Apple's commitment to education. Amidst the shiny new phones and watches, Apple dropped a number of new educational gems that you should know about as an educator.


First, Apple has made a large financial contribution to the ConnectED initiative, of over 100 million dollars in resources to teachers and students.  Those resources entail donating an iPad to every student, a Mac and iPad to every teacher, and an Apple TV to every classroom in 114 underserved schools that are apart of the program. The amount of sheer technology is impressive alone, but we think what's truly interesting is their approach to integrating iPads into the student's workflow. The generation of current students are not only digital natives, but largely Apple natives —with a bias towards iOS (thanks to the iPhone), but even more preferential to touch app interfaces. This is an important trend to recognize, as the current learners and future professionals will identify "computer" as a very different thing than previous generations identify it. To the newest digital natives, a computer is not a box you sit in front of, but rather a just a device of varying size that roughly looks like a screen. We should be as willing to adapt as they are — whether we call it a phone or tablet — to them it's the same means to an end: knowledge and connection. Not only is Apple aware of this foundational shift, but have created a way to stay ahead of the curve with their Apple Teacher Program. There you can sign up, receive the latest news, and receive Apple Teacher Certification after a series of quizzes. 

"Everyone Can Code" Initiative

Apple believes everyone can code and wants to teach their recently developed language, Swift, to children everywhere. In support of their "Everyone Can Code" initiative, they've provided a wealth of tools for educators to do just that. You can currently download "Teacher Guide" previews of Swift Playgrounds and App Development with Swift. And before you doubt a students' ability to go from no-code to app in a year, check out Apple's Student Design Award winners for 2016: the challenging puzzle app Linum, and the addictive force-touch game Divdr. Both were coded entirely by students in Swift, implementing brand new iPhone features, and netting the students some decent money via in-app purchases as well. On top of that, the youngest developer at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference this year was 9 years old! Her name is Anvitha Vijay, and this Australian app developer is apparently pretty excited about Apple's other teaching development — Swift Playgrounds.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds really represents something truly innovative in code education: an interactive and engaging app that teaches students code from absolute zero. Debuting in the fall, the app is free and exclusively for iPad. It focuses on understanding the fundamental building blocks of coding before surmounting other challenges. It's entirely student-led learning, chock full of our favorite word: experimentation. To top it off, anything a student creates in Swift Playgrounds can be directly transferred to Xcode (the app development tool the pros use) and built on from there. After that, Apple has provided a wealth of developer resources to learn Swift in its full breadth. We're excited to see all the great app experiments that will spring forth from classrooms this school year. 


For more information on these topics, head to Apple's Education hub. We're so excited by these developments and are even more re-assured in our pursuance of the idea that technology can empower students to learn and think like the entrepreneurs of the future that we need. That's why we've built-in iPad friendly features to the Polar Printer and Polar Cloud — allowing .STL upload from any storage app on iOS, as well as a mobile-friendly design that works from any browser, and printer sharing so students can manage printing in the classroom themselves. Like Apple, we have many more developments coming later this year and we can't wait to show you!


A Win for 3D Education


A Win for 3D Education

Bridget Butler Millsaps, a reporter for 3D Print Magazine, published the following analysis of Polar 3D's acquisition of STEAMtrax.


Today when we hear the term STEAM, we think of curriculum by way of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics—and we know this certainly isn’t the same type of learning our parents or grandparents had the privilege of enjoying; however, the jobs that many graduating students will shoot tomorrow for did not exist when our parents and grandparents entered a much different workforce, nearly lacking technology as we know it altogether.

Often involving 3D design and 3D printing, the STEAM angle means forging ahead in offering students of all ages skillsets that will hopefully help them move into extremely fulfilling careers one day. And when we hear of Polar 3D, we think of a company that we know is on a serious mission to put 3D printing in schools, introducing and expanding educational use of the technology and propelling the younger generations ahead both to innovate and ‘think like entrepreneurs.’ So upon hearing that Polar 3D had just acquired STEAMtrax from 3D Systems, we thought it sounded like a bold move and an obvious, logical fit.

Read the rest of the story on 3D Print Magazine.


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Polar 3D Coming to a Town Near You? Look Us Up!


Polar 3D Coming to a Town Near You? Look Us Up!


The Polar 3D Conference show schedule for the next several months is below. If you're in town on those dates, look us up!

Rapid Conference 2016

May 16th - May 19th (Orlando, FL) Orange County Convention Center

The world-renowned RAPID event is the culmination of 26 years of expertise in creating the most exciting additive manufacturing event in North America. At RAPID, you’ll find the most experienced and influential community in 3D technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with more than 200 exhibitors and explore the future of the industry through interactive experiences, keynotes, and conference presentations from industry leaders.

The level of cutting-edge 3D innovation at RAPID is unparalleled, as well as the breadth and depth of additive expertise across all industries. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the newest 3D products, technologies, and materials and do a side-by-side comparison to find your best fit. This is your event to explore the unlimited possibilities of how 3D technology can advance your business.

2016 FPEA Convention

FPEA 2016 Convention Banner 976x350

The Florida Homeschool Convention is the official meeting of the Florida Parent Educators Association. For more than 30 years the Florida Parent Educators Association has supported homeschooling families throughout the state.

The FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention is the largest homeschool convention in the country.  We serve more than 15K attendees each year on Memorial Day weekend.  We hope you and your family make plans to join us in 2016 as we celebrate in the Florida sunshine.  Homeschooling in Florida is great and we want to share our great state and all it has to offer with you. Shine Bright--it's what we do!

California Home School Convention

Polar 3D CALIFORNIA-Homeschool-1024x619Ontario Convention Center

With hundreds of information-packed workshops that are presented by a truly unparalleled group of featured speakers, attendees are able to choose sessions that are most applicable to their own homeschooling efforts.

These sessions will include topics such as Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, Writing, Classical Home Education, Charlotte Mason Methods, Unit Studies, Beginning Homeschooling, Homeschooling through High School, Special Needs, Homeschool Transcripts, Homeschool Legal Questions, Gifted Homeschooling, Successful Parenting, Christian Worldview, Creation Apologetics, and much more!

ISTE 2016

ISTE 2016 Slider June 26th - June 29th (Denver, CO)

Unbelievable things happen at the ISTE Conference & Expo. Groundbreaking ideas are shared, new learning technologies are unveiled and collaborations form that will impact classrooms everywhere. Claim your seat at the table among education’s most innovative change agents. You’ll have more than 1,000 opportunities to create the learning path that works best for you and covers what’s important to you. Want to learn by doing? Check out a BYOD. Want to ask questions of the presenters? Attend an interactive lecture. Need to get really hands on? Join us in a playground!


Polar 3D and PIE Partner to Develop New, Comprehensive 3D Printing Curriculum


Polar 3D and PIE Partner to Develop New, Comprehensive 3D Printing Curriculum


"There are very few 3D printer manufacturers who aren’t involved in education to some degree. It’s a refrain we hear again and again: teaching kids about 3D printing is critical, the earlier the better, because it’s the future of every industry. While many companies have included educational outreach in their business plans, others seem to have been formed for the express purpose of putting 3D printers in classrooms. Polar 3D is one of those companies. The Cincinnati-based corporation launched their first 3D printer only a little over a year ago, and they made it clear from the very beginning that their primary goal was to get students interested in 3D printing. "So far, they’ve been aggressively pursuing that goal through partnerships with leading educational and youth-oriented organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with whom they teamed up last year to build new 3D printing labs at several club locations. Now Polar 3D is collaborating with Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) to develop new 3D printing curriculum for students in Cincinnati-area schools."

Read the complete story on 3D Print Magazine.