Google's top education expert predicts what schools will look like in 50 years

Google's Lighthouse Dome Classroom - Credit: Google For Education Roadshow

Google's Lighthouse Dome Classroom - Credit: Google For Education Roadshow

We love this article by Business Insider that talks with Jonathan Rochelle, head of product management for Google Apps for Education. It affirms the same feelings we have here at Polar 3D, the next 50 years of education are going to be exciting, cutting-edge and collaborative. Some quotes we particularly like —

“…schools are poised to become highly collaborative spaces, thanks to the advent of virtual and augmented reality. Instead of needing to meet in the same physical space, kids could work on long-term projects remotely and interact through online platforms.”

This mindset is exactly why we’ve worked hard on the Polar Cloud, building collaboration into its core - allowing teachers and students to share & manage their 3D objects and 3D printers together. The same can be said for our STEAMtrax curriculum, which directly encourages 3D printing & collaboration to solve STEAM based problems as a team. 

“But Rochelle knows technology can't transform education on its own — it takes a smart application of cutting-edge products to help kids learn. As the world gets more technologically advanced, it's partly up to teachers to make sure kids feel comfortable using the latest products effectively.”

We also couldn’t agree more with this, and that’s why we are fully committed to training & promoting the teachers of the future to better use our products like STEAMtrax and Polar3D Printers through our professional development  & support offerings. Even direct features, such as Google Classroom Integration and Chromebook + Mobile compatibility, make using the Polar Cloud with lesson plans easy and comfortable — while still being on the cutting edge of technology. With a future as exciting as this, we can't wait to get back to school!