Haunted Halloween Challenge Tutorial

A 3D Printed Jack O Lantern with an LED candle inside lights up the whole print!

A 3D Printed Jack O Lantern with an LED candle inside lights up the whole print!

We've just launched the Haunted Halloween Challenge! This challenge is a little different than previous ones — we'd like you to make a design that should be lit up from the inside! It seemed like a great opportunity to help out our students and teachers with a little tutorial.

Due to the fact that excessive heat and finished 3D Prints don't mix too well, we suggest that you use a flameless LED candle to make your prints light up. As evidenced by the adjacent photo, it works really well! You can find inexpensive, flameless LED candles at most major stores, especially during this Halloween season.

To make a hole big enough for a flameless candle in your model, first you'll need to measure the candle you'd like to insert. Our candle, for the sake of the tutorial, was roughly 1.5" (38mm) in diameter and 1.5" (38mm) tall. To ensure enough room inside the print, we decided that making a slightly larger cylinder of 1.75"D (44mm) x 1.75"H (44mm) would work best. We suggest that you also make the hole slightly bigger than your candle to be safe. 

Now you'll need to create the spooky model you'd like to illuminate. That part is entirely up to you and we look forward to seeing your design! For our tutorial, we've started with a basic, not-so-scary pumpkin in the center of the workplane. We first raised the pumpkin to make some space beneath it. Next, we created the cylinder and scaled it to the proper size using the control handles on the model.

With the cylinder finished, we lowered our pumpkin model on top of the cylinder so that they overlapped. To ensure that the hole works in printing, we extended the base of the cylinder past the workplane using the control handles. Then with the cylinder selected, we changed it from "Color" to "Hole" and grouped the pumpkin and cylinder hole together. This creates a pumpkin with the proper candle hole inside! 

Once you've crossed this point with your design, you can save it in TinkerCAD and download the STL file for printing. When you upload your design to the Polar Cloud for printing, we suggest you use a small "Infill Amount" in your Cura settings (5-10%). This will allow more light to shine through from your candle! Finally, be sure you have support material turned on to ensure your candle hole doesn't cause your part to collapse during printing. With those settings in place, you can press print and watch it go!

Once your design has printed, simply remove the support material and insert your LED candle! Take a picture of your design all lit up and send it to us, and we'll be happy to share your spooky creations. Best of luck to everyone in this challenge and have fun printing!