Haunted Halloween Challenge Winners!

The winners of our Haunted Halloween Challenge were certainly scary... scary awesome that is! Here's the designs that shone bright, came out on top, and won some filament!

First, our runners up — each winning 3 rolls of filament in the colors of their choice...

"Ghost Candle" by: Lily Porter

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 2.53.47 PM.png

We like this shocked little ghost for its clean design and the fact that it was easy to print a whole squadron with very little support material. We did get one tip from Lily to help potential printers: "In order to fit the candle, size it to 120(%) or larger."

"Starry Pumpkin" by: Travis Fortney

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 4.30.19 PM.png

Travis' design utilizes a cool star pattern and inverted our tutorial, putting the hole at the top like a traditional pumpkin. We bet the star shadows and lights that display on the surrounding ground — once this print is lit — is pretty impressive.  

Finally, the grand prize winner... *drumroll* ...

"Spiderweb Pumpkin" by: Jayna Searles

This object is so cool — and the complexity of the spider-web and spider on the pumpkin is such a great touch! Jayna let us know that this object really looks great lit, which is exactly what we were looking for : "This print will be perfect for a table where it glows in a neat pattern." How fun is that?!  

But more important than the cool spider web, Jayna's challenge entry shows a great lesson of the challenges of new designs in 3D printing: try, try again. Just as we espouse in our STEAMtrax education system, the design process is hinged on trial and error — and Jayna re-tried printing her great design after a filament bind during her first print — and got a successful print on try two! Congratulations to Jayna for her grit and perseverance in making such a great design. Jayna and the runners-up will be contacted shortly for their filament preferences and be sent their prizes shortly! Thank you to everyone for participating and keep an eye out for our next challenge centered around the Thanksgiving table!