iPhone Accessory Challenge Winner!

We have a winner! After a successful iPhone Accessory Challenge, we've been able to select some great iPhone Accessories for the community. First — our two runners up — winning 3, 250kg rolls of filament each are:

Meghna Iyer with her Hexa Holder!

We liked this design for it's simple functionality plus it's beauty even when the phone isn't present.


Megan Callow with her iPhone 7 Stand & Cord Holder!

We really liked this sturdy design for its attention to cord management while viewing videos.


*DRUMROLL* ...and the challenge winner of 6, 250kg rolls of filament is... *DRUMROLL*

Ben Shuman with his iPhone 7 Panorama Adapter!

There are plenty of reasons why we like this design, but we'll let Ben explain why this design is so cool! In the meantime, go download it here.

This is a panorama adapter designed to fit the iPhone 6 or 7. By inserting your phone and placing it on a tripod, you can take panoramic pictures and minimize parallax errors for nearly perfect photo-spheres! This design works because it places the vertical pivot ('ears') and the horizontal pivot (tripod mount hole) in alignment with the phones camera lens. 
This version of my design has a slight change around the camera lens area to make it compatible with the the iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 6 & 6s. 
You can use the same phone with Google Cardboard and make a virtual view of your school, Boys & Girls Club or other hang outs. And by using the Google Streets App you can make and link multiple photo-spheres to create a full virtual tour of your favorite locations! 
This device consists of two parts - The Base and the Phone Adapter
While you can print out both pieces together, you may have better luck printing individually (and then change colors for added flair!). If printing individually, the middle (Phone Adapter) needs supports for the little pivot 'ears' that allow it to hang from the frame. Also, the tripod hole in the Base has threads printed into the case, but it is a good idea to chase the threads with a 1/4x20 tap to clean up the hole for easiest use. 
Check out the cool panorama Ben made with his design! Now you can too!

Check out the cool panorama Ben made with his design! Now you can too!


Congratulations to Ben, Meghna, and Megan on their wins and they will be contacted soon to receive their filament! Be sure to check out our winners over on the Polar Cloud and try them yourself. Thank you to everyone who participated — it was a tough call sifting through all the awesome accessory designs. Our next challenge, centered around Home Decor will be starting very soon, so keep an eye out everyone!