MakerBot VS. the Polar 3D Faceoff


The Polar 3D Printer and MakerBot face off in a promotional battle royale. Who wins? It will come down to simple math.  It's the holiday season and promotional specials abound. MakerBot and Polar 3D are both focused on the education market so the face-off was inevitable. Like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Promotional offer vs. No Promotional offer

We want to play fair so we decided to compare MakerBot's promotional offer with Polar 3D's everyday pricing. MakerBot is discounting their printers  to help schools acquire 3D printers, which is a laudable goal - we salute them. But what's the Polar 3D equivalency of MakerBot's offer? You do the math. What's the best deal?

Makerbot Promotion: Buy 2, Give 1

"For customers that purchase two new MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers, MakerBot will donate a refurbished model to the school of your choice. Each 3D printer you purchase will also need at least 1-year of MakerCare®."

MakerBot promotion

COST = $6498 (without shipping or tax)

Polar 3D: No Promotion Equivalency

 If you are an educator, student or parent, you can buy an award-winning Polar 3D Desktop Printer for $599.  Divide the MakerBot "Buy 2, Give 1" purchase price of $6500 by the Polar 3D educational discount price and the Polar 3D equivalency is...

Polar 3D Desktop PrinterPolar 3D Desktop Printer

Polar 3D Desktop PrinterPolar 3D Desktop Printer

Polar 3D Desktop PrinterPolar 3D Desktop Printer


The Polar 3D equivalency to the MakerBot "Buy 2, Give 1," is 11 Polar 3D desktop printers.

Now, here's the cool part, take your 11 new Polar 3D printers (no refurbished ones), and donate as many as you want to the school of your choice and keep the rest! Or contact us and we'll ship them to the school of your choice.


If you counted the pictures above you might have noticed there are twelve printers instead of eleven. It's not a mistake. If you buy eleven Polar 3D printers we certainly will throw in an additional printer ... but it won't be refurbished.

You'll just have to accept a new one.


You don't have to buy 11 Polar 3D Printers. Buy 5 and we'll donate a free one to a school of your choice. It'll still be half the price of The MakerBot Buy 2, Give 1" promotion.

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