Meet Some Amazing Teachers Leading the Way in 3D Printing


A revolution is happening in America’s classrooms, from kindergarten to college and beyond. It’s been ignited by the access, affordability and advances in 3D printing. Several years ago 3D desktop printing was too expensive, hard to use, and maintain, and the printers were large. A lot of those issues were caused by the traditional way 3D printers were designed and built. But now, you can get a 3D printer like the Polar 3D, whose radical design innovation addressed  those issues, can be purchased for under $600 - less than a new iPhone. This affordability allows increased access to 3D Printer technology to schools.

Teachers across the country are taking advantage of this and using 3D printing to transform the way we think about education. They're doing this by incorporating design thinking and iterative learning into their curriculums with one simple tool, the 3D printer.

Bringing Students Imagination to Life

Polar 3D Desktop printer

The design thinking and 3D print process provide a fun, hands-on learning experience that develops critical innovation and problem-solving skills for students from 6 to 96 – or even 106 years of age. Natural creativity leads to entrepreneurial inspirations. Put simply, 3D printing frees students creativity and bring their imagination to life – in real time – using design thinking and 3D printing. It allows visual problem-solving. And students can bring objects out of the computer screen and into their hands, then refine their designs while they gain a better understanding of the creation process.

Everyone Remembers this...

Everyone remembers a great teacher. Why? Because they changed your life. They inspired you to dream, to accomplish, to think differently. And they did it with joy,  passion, humor, and breathed to teach. These teachers opened up paths and windows into magical vistas never seen, never imagined.  You never forget a great teacher.

Meet Some Teachers Leading the Way in 3D Printing

This list is not inclusive, of course, or ranked in any particular order, but the people on it are exceptional. Check them out, visit their sites.  Be prepared to have your eyes opened. And, probably have a few laughs along the way.

  1. Mr. Thomas Dubick, of Charlotte Latin School and Founder of Young Engineers Of Today
  2. Alice Keeler, author of  50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom
  3. Doug Robertson, author of He's The Weird Teacher
  4. Meredith Martin, The Geeky Teacher - Tech Integrator, EdTech Consultant, EdCamp Junkie, Google For Education Certified Trainer, Google For Education Certified Innovator.
  5. Marcos Navas, publisher of The Tech Tink n' Teach 
  6. Jaime Chanter, Curriculum & Tech T, Tech Lover, Certified Google Educator
  7. David Saunders, Educator, Designer, Google Certified Innovator, Trainer, and Administrator, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, littleBits Global Chapter Leader
  8. Aaron Mauer, Iowa Teacher of Year Finalist,  Robotics,  Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and publisher of Coffee for the Brain
  9. Kathi Kersznowski, New Jersey Elementary tech teacher,  EdTech Blogger, Trainer, District Teacher of the Year
  10. Chris Aviles, publisher of the Teched Up Teacher; Tech And Ideas For The Twenty-First Century Classroom
  11.  Steve Dickie, Science teacher in North East Michigan, AKA ... @FalconPhysics on Twitter
  12. Krissy Venosdale, Innovation Coordinator at the Kinkaid School in Houston Texas.

These teachers are just a small sampling of some amazing people we've run across in the last year.

What about you? Do you know a teacher that uses 3D printing in the classroom to bring their students imagination to life? We'd like to meet them. Email us their names and we'll feature them in an upcoming issue.