Polar 3D Proud Member of Cutting Edge "Fab Lab"


Polar 3D’s Mission is to introduce and expand 3D printing in education to inspire young minds to think like entrepreneurs. Ahead of our official launch at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we placed printers in schools and universities around the country. Our goal was to both generate buzz for the Polar 3D Printer, and to get feedback from the students and teachers getting to know the printer.

Over the course of several months we learned a lot about how schools use 3D printers, what their challenges were, and what they liked best. All this feedback was incorporated into the final design of the Polar 3D Printer – including a camera to monitor your print, and a Rasberry Pi that allows you to load your file to the printer and walk away – no need to be chained to a laptop!


Green Cap UVM 2

University of Vermont College of Engineering and Mathematics

One school that we’re excited to be building a relationship with is the University of Vermont’s College of Engineering and Mathematics. (http://www.uvm.edu/~cems/) The College’s interdisciplinary approach “prepares graduates for leadership roles while cultivating a diverse community of scholars.” We knew that their mission aligned with ours, and so reached out to Jenn Karson, the Director of Communications for CEMS, and the head of their Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab). Jenn agreed to place a Polar 3D Printer in the FabLab, and so in October we went to Burlington to present the printer and run demonstrations. “It’s exciting to be in dialogue with the Polar 3D team,” says Karson. “They are genuinely committed to education and to keeping their technology affordable.”


Green Hat UVM

The printer was a hit – we had undergrads, graduate students, and professors coming into the lab all day to take a look and talk with Greg, Bill, and Ed about the printer and how they came up with it. Students were also inspired by the team’s entrepreneurialism, and many asked detailed questions about their experience with startups and building companies. Several of the senior students were vocally planning to purchase the printer, made possible by the reduced rate Polar 3D offers to schools and students.  Karson was impressed. “The company has a lot of heart, and that heart is in the right place to bring affordable and inspiring rapid prototyping technologies to classrooms all over the world.”



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