Polar 3D Transforming the Classroom


Polar3D in the Classroom - Transcript

Having Polar 3D printers has a great impact on our curriculum, in the sense that it opens a lot of doors, where we might work with a workbook or a textbook or had some questions, our worksheet before. Now students can take that actual application and think about what the next step of learning. How do I really push the limits of what I'm doing and how do I apply that knowledge.

3D printing has influenced my life in a big way over the last two years and ever since I got into 3D CAD and started moving a 3D and I just took off with it. We have an engineering space at our school, and a dedicated room where everyone can just cycle through as they please and play with 3D to play with, all the tools in engineering application and design. It's really changed the way that I thought of my future in the way that I thought about 3D printing and engineering design. What it does for the teachers in terms of curriculum? It gives them a chance to think, how can I really challenge systems to assess the deeper knowledge and understanding of what they’re doing?

Think of Designs in a Different Way

And I know that I not only just picked up the concept that they really wrapped their brain around this idea of aerodynamics or displacement. It's really taught me to think about my designs in a different way. You can see what the flaws in your design on, you can see easily what you need to change. So you have this iterated design classes in high school that you wouldn't normally be exposed until college, probably even not until the professional field, when you actually begin having access to these machines.

They don't have to use the SD cards, they don’t have to use tabling, they don’t have to be exported or be attached to the printer, they just upload the file. It queues the job and whenever the printer is available, it’s done. So to be able to use the Polar Cloud allows students to print any time and I can manage that anytime. If I see something's going wrong with the print, I can cancel that from home if need be and it's exciting because the learning doesn't stop when the hit door. It’s a big motivation to say here's what I've designed.  That's great, it's saved in the computer and I can do anything with it. Now you can print and use it to do something for yourself. That's powerful, hands down, the  Polar 3D printer is revolutionary.

The Polar 3D printer also has tremendous volume of print space from a much smaller footprint. They're much more affordable for us. We've had the more expensive printers and we've had cheaper printers. We actually have eleven different printers in our space and we tried a lot of them. We came to realize that Polar 3D is a great product in that sense it's cost effective for us, but it's a machine that just keeps on printing all day long and we're so excited to have that available to all the other students not just our high school and engineering students, even eighth grade of middle school.

Here's what's really important, if you give a student the ability to make their ideas come to life there's no telling what they're going to do with it. It can be magic.