Maker Club Review: The Polar3D Printer - Very Impressive


The Maker Club did an in-depth review of the Polar 3D Printer and declared it "very impressive."

I discovered the Polar3D Printer at the ISTE Education Conference in Philadelphia last week, where many 3D printer companies attempt to capture educator attention right along side other education technology products. When I saw this printer - 15 of them in fact, all cranking away printing models - I immediately knew it was different and that I needed to try it.

The small footprint, unique radial bed design and apparent simplicity of the technology is what attracted me. The two passionate and experienced engineers who invented this product, who were also running their own booth and answering questions, also got my attention. The web-based printer command center put me over the edge. The Polar3D printer is unique in ways which make it very desirable - not just novel. The narrow footprint, simplicity of the hardware, quality print results and robust web-based printing control software all top my list of positives

What we found impressive was the hard work, time and effort taken by Maker Club to review the Polar3D printer so thoroughly from setup, hardware, software, printing, objects, clubs and more. Deep analysis. Thanks to the Maker Club!

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