Industry Review: Watch the Polar 3D Printer in Action (Video)


Make Magazine recently reviewed the Polar 3D printer. Some of the highlights of that review are below. Make Magazine also included a quick video of the Polar 3D in action. “Smooth Software: Polar 3D is targeting the education market with the clever and easy to use Polar Cloud. More than just a cloud slicer, this website is intended to serve as a web community where technical support, design challenges, 3D model libraries, and group projects can be shared.”

“The company imagined a complete workflow to make students’ lives easier. To send a file to print, you upload the 3D model in your object collection and send it to the connected 3D printer. Once the file is ready, Polar Cloud opens to a beautiful live camera showing the mirror platform from the extruder point of view — the printer has a wide angle camera placed right behind the nozzle, which gives a great monitoring experience of the print at all times. Polar Cloud also enables the user to monitor several machines at the same time, perfect for a digital manufacturing lab.

See the Polar 3D in Action