Top 3D Printing Stories of 2015


2015 was a frenetic and fruitful year for Polar 3D.

Top Posts for 2015:

  1. Polar 3D and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Partner To Create 3D Printing Labs
  2. Maker Club Review: The Polar3D Printer - Very Impressive
  3. Bowls, Batman and Buddha
  4. 3D Printing from 37,000 Feet?
  5. 3D Printing Circles: A Review of the Polar 3D Printer
  6. Robot Parts, Motorboats and a 3D Apple for Teacher
  7. Polar 3D Print Time-Lapse Video of the Eiffel Tower
  8. Polar 3D's New MakerBot Extruder Trade-in Program Inspired by SMART Thieves
  9. Dragons, Owls, Cell Phone Cases and Hairspray Holders
  10. Report: 8 out of 10 Thieves Would Steal a Polar 3D Printer over a MakerBot Replicator

2015 was a frenetic and fruitful year. We look forward to speaking, working and 3D printing with you in 2016!