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3D Polar Cloud Making Waves


3D Polar Cloud Making Waves


The Polar Cloud is making waves in 3D printing industry reviews. Two excerpts of recent reviews are below. Want to check it out for yourself? Just go to the Polar Cloud (, sign up for free and get access to the on-going projects, Polar Cloud collection of objects and monthly 3D printing challenges.

MAKE Magazine

"Smooth Software: Polar 3D is targeting the education market with the clever and easy to use Polar Cloud. More than just a cloud slicer, this website is intended to serve as a web community where technical support, design challenges, 3D model libraries, and group projects can be shared."

"The company imagined a complete workflow to make students’ lives easier. To send a file to print, you upload the 3D model in your object collection and send it to the connected 3D printer. Once the file is ready, Polar Cloud opens to a beautiful live camera showing the mirror platform from the extruder point of view — the printer has a wide angle camera placed right behind the nozzle, which gives a great monitoring experience of the print at all times. Polar Cloud also enables the user to monitor several machines at the same time, perfect for a digital manufacturing lab."

Maker Club

"The Polar 3D is more than just a printer. It is a set of very powerful software products and services which have actually made the experience of using the printer an absolute delight. With the Polar3D, I do everything through the web - sending my models for printing directly to the printer.

The Printer Control Panel

"Polar 3D provides a cloud service where you can connect, and control, your printer and even multiple printers. I saw the founders control their 15 running printers from their Polar3D cloud interface at the ISTE conference where I met them - and it was incredible and useful.

"Since each printer also has a camera onboard, you can see the progress of every print live from anywhere you can gain web connectivity. To go one step further, every print job run is saved in the printer's history - so you can see information about all the prior print jobs, and - wait for it - you can watch a time lapse" video of any prior print which is automatically saved!

Go to the Polar Cloud and check out on-going projects, the Polar Cloud collection of objects and monthly 3D printing challenges. 


Inspiring Students to Think Like Entrepreneurs with 3D Printing  Radio Interview


Inspiring Students to Think Like Entrepreneurs with 3D Printing Radio Interview


Polar 3D's Co-Founder William "Bill" Steele talks with long-time radio host Greg Thomas of the syndicated public affairs show, "Conversations" in Seattle.  Bill and Greg discuss 3D printing, inspiring students to think like entrepreneurs by introducing them to 3D printing, and the Polar 3D Ambassador program.

[audio mp3=""][/audio]


Professor Garfield Gets A Little Messy: New 3D Design Competition


Professor Garfield Gets A Little Messy: New 3D Design Competition


Makers Empire, a new Australian 3D printing start-up, has just released a 3D printing competition for elementary and middle school students. Makers Empire has recently been expanding it's influence on the maker-side of the education sector, and their new "Professor Garfield", as in Garfield, your favorite childhood cartoon, . The Competition

Wait, so where does my favorite fumbling feline come into the picture? Similar to a Polar Challenge, this competition asks students to help the perpetually hungry housecat eat to his fill without making a mess of things. Although you would think with his new title, Professor Garfield would have come up with a cleaner way to eat spaghetti , he still relies on his paws to get the job done. Students are asked to design their own "spaghetti and meatball eating tool" to help the cat out.

"Garfield LOVES spaghetti-and-meatballs! But the cat always makes a mess when he eats it. 
What Garfield needs is a utensil -- something with a clever design -- to help him enjoy his pasta in a cleaner and neater way. Garfield's that someone, somewhere could design something to solve his problem. He's also aware that some kids need assistance because they might not have full dexterity in their hands. Not to worry! The famous feline wants to help them as well!

Students are invited to design their own spaghetti-and-meatball eating tool in 3D (for 3D printing). They'll also be asked to describe the tool's special features and explain why they think it's a creative design."

The competition started earlier this week and set to end on December 9th. As if you weren't sold on the the competition already, prizes include signed artwork from Garfield creator Jim Davis, a year-long membership to the Makers Empire 3D printing learning program, and a Polar 3D printer.

More details can be found at


Reported by Robby Wellington, Polar 3D’s Cub Reporter and hungry intern from the University of Cincinnati.