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We're Thankful for "Boys & Girls Club of America"

A 3D Printed Harry Potter themed light switch cover.

A 3D Printed Harry Potter themed light switch cover.

Last but most definitely not least, our good friend, Kristen, from the Boys and Girls Club, had an AWESOME, holiday inspired print. This Ocarina is fully functional and completely printed on a Polar 3D printer.  Enjoy her festive rendition of Deck The Halls, in the video below.

Thank you so much Kristen, for sharing this with us. It is definitely one of the most creative prints we have seen!

Leading up to Thanksgiving, Polar 3D would like to acknowledge and thank some of our outstanding teachers and friends who are making an impact in the classroom

Over the past few years, Polar 3D has been blessed to work with the great people at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Their mission is "To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens."

This relationship is empowering young students through STEAM education and after school curriculum. The Boys and Girls Club has taken a huge focus on technology and we are so grateful to be a part of it. 

The pictures shown here are from the Marge Schott-Unnewehr Club, in Covington, KY. We recently had the opportunity to lead a training seminar at the club, on how to better utilize 3D printing and STEAM in the after school programs. 

We focused on getting familiar with the Polar Cloud, setting up prints on the build plate for the best success, and also how to create their own objects on TinkerCAD.

The Marge Schott-Unnewehr Club, has been busy printing and have created some very unique and creative objects. We love this kind of creativity from both the teachers and students!


3D Christmas Ornament Challenge


3D Christmas Ornament Challenge



Polar 3D  is teaming up with to host its second annual holiday ornament contest!

Aaron Maurer, creator of the challenge, and Polar 3D are encouraging makers to create unique ornaments.

"Starting now until December 15th, I would like to invite you to join us in creating 3D printed holiday ornaments. You can use any software that can produce .STL files to design your ornament(see details below). The goal here is to inspire people (students and adults) to be creative and have fun." -Aaron

The goal is to create an awesome ornament to be judged by the Polar team. Ornaments can be traditional, wacky, or symbolic, as long as you make it yourself! One winner will be judged per school/ 20 submissions!

Upload an .stl file, image of the print, or timelapse video for submission.


  1. Create an account and log in) to the Polar Cloud (, select the Polar Challenge Icon and join “3D Printed Ornament Challenge”.
  2. Design an ornament, and be creative!
  3. Upload/submit your design on the Cloud.
  4. Print your design on a Polar 3D Printer (optional). Remember this is a DESIGN challenge.

Please do not just pull an object off of the Polar Cloud or Thingiverse and submit it as your own – you can only submit something you have created or materially modified.

Challenge dates

The 3D Printed Ornament Challenge starts now ends on December 15, 2015 at 10am ET. Top ornaments will be selected and announced by the 17th. Good Luck!


Although it's not technically a competition, the best ornament creators will receive:

  • Up to six free prints of your ornament shipped to you just in time to hang up holiday decorations (printed on the new Polar Farm).
  • 1 picture of our Polar interns begrudgingly dressed up as elves while holding a sign with your name on it.


December 15, 2015 at 10:59 PM EST


MakerBot VS. the Polar 3D Faceoff


MakerBot VS. the Polar 3D Faceoff


The Polar 3D Printer and MakerBot face off in a promotional battle royale. Who wins? It will come down to simple math.  It's the holiday season and promotional specials abound. MakerBot and Polar 3D are both focused on the education market so the face-off was inevitable. Like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Promotional offer vs. No Promotional offer

We want to play fair so we decided to compare MakerBot's promotional offer with Polar 3D's everyday pricing. MakerBot is discounting their printers  to help schools acquire 3D printers, which is a laudable goal - we salute them. But what's the Polar 3D equivalency of MakerBot's offer? You do the math. What's the best deal?

Makerbot Promotion: Buy 2, Give 1

"For customers that purchase two new MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers, MakerBot will donate a refurbished model to the school of your choice. Each 3D printer you purchase will also need at least 1-year of MakerCare®."

MakerBot promotion

COST = $6498 (without shipping or tax)

Polar 3D: No Promotion Equivalency

 If you are an educator, student or parent, you can buy an award-winning Polar 3D Desktop Printer for $599.  Divide the MakerBot "Buy 2, Give 1" purchase price of $6500 by the Polar 3D educational discount price and the Polar 3D equivalency is...

Polar 3D Desktop PrinterPolar 3D Desktop Printer

Polar 3D Desktop PrinterPolar 3D Desktop Printer

Polar 3D Desktop PrinterPolar 3D Desktop Printer


The Polar 3D equivalency to the MakerBot "Buy 2, Give 1," is 11 Polar 3D desktop printers.

Now, here's the cool part, take your 11 new Polar 3D printers (no refurbished ones), and donate as many as you want to the school of your choice and keep the rest! Or contact us and we'll ship them to the school of your choice.


If you counted the pictures above you might have noticed there are twelve printers instead of eleven. It's not a mistake. If you buy eleven Polar 3D printers we certainly will throw in an additional printer ... but it won't be refurbished.

You'll just have to accept a new one.


You don't have to buy 11 Polar 3D Printers. Buy 5 and we'll donate a free one to a school of your choice. It'll still be half the price of The MakerBot Buy 2, Give 1" promotion.

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