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Polar 3D Wins 2015 ISTE Best of Show Award


Polar 3D Wins 2015 ISTE Best of Show Award


The Polar 3D team attended the 2015 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) show and won a Best of Show Award.

The Award Evaluation Process

"Products were submitted and anonymously evaluated by Tech & Learning advisors. The judges rated their impressions on a sliding scale, then met to decide on which technologies could have the most impact in the classroom and deserved to be named Best of Show."

Congratulations to the winners!

POLAR 3D PRINTER - Best of Show


The Polar 3D Printer includes a cloud platform that allows students to collaborate and gives teachers the ability to manage all their printers from any device with a Web browser. Teachers can also share ideas and curriculum online. The steel frame and rugged design of the printer enables teachers to show students how to clean the extruder and maintain the printer on their own.

One judge thought that the affordability of the printer, combined with its speed and quality, make it a great purchase for schools on a budget. Judges also liked the ability to use several kinds of filament, making it easy to restock supplies. To review the entire list of Best of Show Awards, read "Iste 2015 Best of Show Awards."