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Polar 3D Introduces the First 3D Printer Designed for Education

Polar 3D Introduces the First 3D Printer Designed for Education


1 "Affordable, Easy-to-Use Printer To Inspire Student Innovation"

Cincinnati – January 6, 2015 – Polar 3D premiered at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and is launching its polar coordinate-based 3D printer and the Polar Cloud – an online social platform that encourages collaboration and sharing in the 3D printing community.

The Polar 3D Printer is the first personal 3D printer based on polar coordinates. Designed for classrooms, clubs, and the home, the Polar 3D Printer boasts a 50 micron layer resolution, a built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a round, rotatable, and slidable build platform. At 8x12.5x14 inches, the Polar 3D Printer has a small desktop footprint, but features a build volume of 300 cubic inches (8” diameter by 6” height). The Polar 3D printer retails for $799 and is discounted 25% to $599 for schools, educators, and students, thanks to generous underwriting from corporate sponsors.

“Polar 3D is not just selling a printer, but also offering an online community for students and schools” said Greg LaLonde, CEO of Polar 3D. The Polar Cloud allows students, educators, and home users to create clubs, share object files, and collaborate on projects. The Polar Cloud also helps educational institutions manage their 3D printers with a Master Print Queue and detailed information about each print submitted.

LaLonde announced several other exciting initiatives backed by Polar 3D, including design and innovation challenges sponsored by Polar 3D and their corporate partners and a brand ambassador program that rewards students and educators for expanding 3D printing in their communities. Polar 3D’s goal is not just to sell printers, but also to build a community of inspiring minds. The community will purchase and use the Polar 3D Printer, but will also use the Cloud, participate in Challenges, and grow the 3D printing movement.

Check out this CES wrap up video below and see the action at the Polar 3D booth.

About Polar 3D

Founded in 2013, Polar 3D is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Polar 3D’s Mission is to introduce and expand 3D printing in education to inspire students to think like entrepreneurs. Polar 3D is also dedicated to giving back to their community, and is a proud sponsor of The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati. “We’re very privileged to have a relationship with The Boys & Girls Club,” explains LaLonde, “and want to see our Polar 3D Printers in those Clubs throughout the country.

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