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Tech for Teacher's Newest Love: The Polar 3D Printer


Tech for Teacher's Newest Love: The Polar 3D Printer


Meredith Martin, Tech Integrator, EdTech Consultant, EdCamp Junkie, Google For Education Certified Trainer, Google For Education Certified Innovator, and Lifelong Learner, wrote an in-depth piece on her experience with the Polar 3D printer on the Tech for Teachers website.

My Newest Love: The Polar 3D Printer

"You know the cool kid at school? You know, the one all the girls giggle and sigh about and the one all the boys secretly want to be? Yeah, that’s pretty much the description of the Polar3D Printer. This little thing is amazing. One of it’s best features is the price. Unlike the Makerbot, or even my beloved Dreamer, this printer hits way below the $1K price point. In fact, the education pricing for it is just $599! That’s a much more reasonable price for schools, as well as consumers.

"The price, however, is not the only nice thing about it.  The form factor is small and sleek, and the mirrored build plate is a classy touch.  It’s extremely easy to set up, and is delightfully portable. Once you get beyond the nuts and bolts, the Polar3D shines even more.  It’s wifi connectivity and web-based control interface are simply amazing."

READ Meredith Martin's hands-on insights "My Newest Love: The Polar 3D Printer" on Tech for Teachers.

Check Meredith out on Twitter at @geekyteach. And, she has a great 3D tagline, "If you're not making a mess... you're not doing it right!"