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Outlier: 3D Printing the Future


Outlier: 3D Printing the Future


Outlier: Founders, Disruptors and Mavens of the World. Ever Gonzalez, CEO of Outlier Magazine, interviews William “Bill” Steele, Co-founder and Chief Engineer of Polar 3D.

William “Bill” Steele and Ed Estes, a former Microsoft executive, and a former software company owner had an idea in 2013. They wanted to make a difference in the world by inspiring students to think like entrepreneurs. To free students’ creativity and bring their imagination to life – in real time – using design thinking and 3D printing. But how to do that? 3D desktop printing was expensive, hard to use, and maintain and the printers were large. A lot of those issues were brought on by the inherent and traditional way 3D printers are designed and built.

William "Bill"Steele


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Polar 3D : Outlier

Outlier Magazine is an online publication geared toward the dynamic community of startups and entrepreneurs; a network of founders, investors and business owners from around the world. It is a forum in which to connect and collaborate, to mentor and be mentored, and to share the experiences of creating and growing a company. It is dedicated to providing the knowledge, tools and insight needed to propel a company from its foundation to its ultimate potential.

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