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Home Fix-It Polar Challenge Winners!


Home Fix-It Polar Challenge Winners!

Let's get right down to it, here's our awesome winners for the Polar 3D Home Fix-It Challenge...

Winner - "Hook For Bags" by: Tyler Wos and Jason Muglia

This entry was an early favorite during the challenge due to its simplicity and effectiveness at such a common problem. Everyone has groceries — and whether you use tote bags, paper or plastic — at some point the amount one can carry easily becomes pretty limited. This design allows easy transport of bags from store to home and helps the user carry far more, without strain on the hands, in less trips. We definitely encourage folks to print a few of these out to keep in the trunk of their car, or with their grocery tote bags. We'd also suggest trying the design in some carbon fiber filament to really boost the amount of weight you can haul. Who knows how much weight one of these could take?! If you find out, let us know — print the file from the Polar Cloud here!

Runner Up - "Drainable Sponge Tray" by: Zachary Casto

This design was pretty interesting to the judges as it not only served an interesting purpose, but solved its problems in a subtle way. Disposable cleaning items like sponges generally don't have a "place to live" in the home, save for the edges of the sink. This causes them to not only build up grime faster, but also make the area they're sitting become as dirty as the sponge. By making a 3D printable storage area, the sponge can be set to dry on a cheap an easily replaceable 3D print that drains itself of water with its subtle geometric slope. And once the sponge is dry, it can be stored inside the tray, away from the view of guests, etc. We'll definitely be printing these out for our sinks — and you can print one out too, right here on the Polar Cloud!

Runner Up - "Backpack Clip" by: Aidan Moncelle

This backpack clip really intrigued us as it solved a personal problem for Aidan — holding drawstring bags (like gym or storage bags) closed and secure over his shoulders. But the real thing we appreciated about this design was the versatility of it. You can print this design and not only solve Aidan's problem but a slew of other around the home. A simple and durably designed clip like this is perfect for holding things all over a home. We've been printing these out and using them for hooking up lots of things where one might use a carabiner or ring hook. This is also another print that benefits from stronger filaments like carbon fiber. You can grab this awesome design here on the Polar Cloud!

...and as always, you can go check out and print all of the challenge entries for free here on the Polar Cloud!

Congratulations to our winners, we will be contacting you to send your winning filament soon. Thank you to everyone who participated in our latest challenge, the entries are always fun to print and test out! Please keep an eye out for our next, Haunted Halloween Challenge starting shortly!