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Talawanda Schools Choose Polar 3D


Talawanda Schools Choose Polar 3D

The Talawanda School District in Oxford, Ohio was recently awarded $3,500 from the Duke Energy Foundation for the purchase of six, Polar 3D printers for use in all five school buildings! Their commitment to pursuing STEM education throughout the district is awesome and we love knowing that Polar 3D printers will be many of these student's first experience with 3D Printing! We hope they're inspired and empowered by this great opportunity.

“Talawanda School District has committed to STEM Education in a variety of ways,” district STEM coordinator Ryan Barter said. “We believe students will learn by experiencing, not just listening. It is desired that students work collaboratively and gain those important soft skills that are vital to future success in any career path.”
He said the training is geared toward having students improve their skills in the areas of creativity, diligence, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and perseverance."

Talawanda High School is also partnering with Miami University in a social way as well...

"The high school has partnered with Miami University Hamilton in Project Civility, which encourages students to treat each other well. One way to do this is to reward acts of kindness by giving a student a specially-designed coin recognizing that act. Those coins are currently provided as part of the partnership, but that may change thanks to the new 3-D printers.
“We will make our own coins,” Holli Morrish, the district’s director of communication and public relations, said, adding high school students are planning the project. “The Youth Initiative Team has taken leadership. Students will have an art contest to design our coins. The focus on STEM is very modern and we can use it for Project Civility and tie it to district initiatives.”

Plus, the district is building two MakerSpaces for the students as well!

“The school district will supply a dedicated classroom space at the middle school and the high school for these MakerSpaces,” Barter said. “We will also provide computers with appropriate software, like Tinkercad or AutoCAD, and many supplies for students and teachers to be creative.”

It's so exciting to see a school district going in so wholeheartedly into STEM education and 3D Printing at all levels of education! To read more, check out the full article here. Congratulations Talawanda, we can't wait to see what you create!