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Now Taking Submissions For STEAMtrax PLUS


Now Taking Submissions For STEAMtrax PLUS

A letter from our Director of Education, David Thornburg, PHD.

To all teachers enthusiastic about 3D printing,

Have you ever thought about a really cool lesson on a subject you teach that involves 3D printing? 

Polar 3D is building the STEAMtrax PLUS Teacher Idea Center — a place where you can put your amazing curriculum ideas and lesson plans to share with the world!  Your lessons will be indexed by subject area and grade level with a focus on STEAM topics - although submissions in other areas are more than welcome as well.  While our focus is on the K-12 world, we'd love to see college level projects too!

Our goal is to make creating great curriculum as simple as possible for you.  We have a template for you to use for your lesson, to bring consistency to the offering.  Here's how the process works:


  1. Download and use the template here to build your lesson.
  2. Send it to Dr. Thornburg, our Director of Education.
  3. We will choose a professional mentor to help you tweak and publish your lesson if needed.
  4. When approved, your lesson will be posted along with printable files for others to use and comment on in the new Polar Cloud 2.0.




There is no cost associated with any of these activities, and your materials will be released under a Creative Commons Copyright.  We'll be watching to see how folks resonate with your ideas, and look forward to promoting & rewarding those with the most engaging content!

If you have any questions, please send them to Dr. David Thornburg.  We can't wait to see what great ideas you come up with!


David Thornburg, PHD

Director of Education, Polar 3D