The Outliers: Polar 3D Interview


Tune in to "The Outlier" for the online Outlier Magazine" interview with William "Bill Steele," co-founder of Polar 3D on January 4th, 2016 at 1 PM. Outlier Magazine is engaging listeners worldwide with Outlier On Air, a podcast where successful entrepreneurs speak to and train a global audience of hungry and passionate game changers.

The Outlier audience is made of…

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide who consider themselves Outliers; they dream big, go against the norm, and seek to learn to help them take the next step. This person wishes to stomp out mediocrity and blaze their own trail to create new and innovative solutions.

Who Outlier is…

The Outlier Movement originates in Southern Utah and is comprised of: Outlier Magazine - A digital publication for entrepreneurs - Outlier Labs - A physical co-working space recently launched and set to expand - Outlier Conferences - A series of entrepreneurial conferences set in the destination community of Southern Utah. -