We're Thankful for Mrs. Jones and Her Talented Students!

Thank You Mrs. Jones!

Leading up to Thanksgiving, Polar 3D would like to acknowledge and thank some of our outstanding teachers and friends who are making an impact in the classroom.

Today we are thankful for Mrs. Jones and her students. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit her classroom to see what they were working on. We were excited to visit Mrs. Jones' science class at Mason Middle School. Not only are her students winners of multiple Polar Challenges, but they're experimenting every day with STEAM science in a variety of ways! We couldn't get everyone's experiments into the video (seen below), but they are all amazing and noteworthy. Thanks for letting us visit Mrs. Jones!

We will go ahead and let the video and photo gallery (both shown below) do the most of the talking. However, Mrs. Jones' classroom is one of the best demonstrations of utilizing technology in the classroom, that we have seen. These students are using a wide array of skills from 3D printing, to programming using Makey Makey and Scratch, to making and editing stop motion movies, and much more.

Once again, thank you Mrs. Jones and keep up the great work!