What Goes Around Comes Around?


Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief of Additive Manufacturing Magazine, in "What Goes Around Comes Around," considers the potential effect of so many students now being exposed to digital manufacturing technology at a young age. Polar 3D Printer WCPO

The advance of 3D printing technology will have various effects, including those we explore in this magazine. It will change production and it will change product design. But in a different sphere, there is another effect that the advance of 3D printing will have that is liable to be just as important. Namely, it will change young people’s level of comfort with the idea of fabricating physical things. Thanks to the growing presence of 3D printers in schools, children will come to take it for granted that they have the ability to conceive and create unique objects. Never mind just “additive” manufacturing, children are now being acclimated to manufacturing like never before.

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