GE Additive Education Program Supporter

Polar 3D is pleased to announce its support of the GE Additive Education Program for primary and secondary schools under which GE Additive will invest $2 million over two years to subsidize Polar 3D classroom packages.  Enabling educational institutions to provide access to 3D printers will help accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing worldwide, a goal GE and Polar share.  Applications for the Program are now being accepted.  Interested schools may complete the application form at



Polar 3D knows how powerful the promise of 3D printing is, how it can empower students and educators to think differently. That's why our commitment to education is built into the core ethos of every Polar 3D product. We want the power of 3D printing in every classroom, library, and makerspace to give everyone the opportunity to engage with this cutting edge technology.

Classroom-Friendly To The Core

The classroom is an active, ever-changing environment that presents a number of challenges to the educator. We at Polar 3D don't want our printer to be one of those challenges. That's why we build our Polar 3D printer and the Polar Cloud experience to be easy to use and highly reliable. Then, we back our products with engaging content and a deep level of training and support, as you'll see in our Content and Webinars section. We truly believe that when 3D printing becomes as easy to use as any other classroom tool, the possibilities for student creativity, learning, and growth open up ten-fold.