STEAMtrax & Beyond

Polar 3D seeks to not only provide the best 3D printing solution for the classroom, but also the best reasons to include 3D printing in your curriculum. That's why we develop and sell STEAMtrax, the first K-12 3DP engineering STEAM curriculum that is aligned to NGSS standards. We're working hard to always improve and develop in-classroom content that not only pairs directly with our Polar Printers & Cloud, but gives students the opportunity to solve real-world problems themselves, through experimentation and 3D printing.

 David Thornburg, award-winning-futurist & Polar 3D's Educational Director

David Thornburg, award-winning-futurist & Polar 3D's Educational Director

David Thornburg & Team

David Thornburg’s background is rich and varied.  He received a PhD in engineering, physics and mathematics from the University of Illinois. After teaching part time at Stanford University & co-founding two startup companies, David shifted his focus to the world of educational technology.

You might recognize David Thornburg from his numerous keynotes at ISTE, his published work on 3D printing in the classroom, or for inventing the touchscreen as one of the first members of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. David is our director of Education and Curriculum, and his bona fides and vast experience in the future of education make him the perfect fit for Polar 3D. David will be leading our curriculum development to better prepare students and educators for a progressive, hands-on future of education — where experimentation and doing are the keys to learning. We are so excited to have David on our team and further cement our educational experience. Nearly half of the Polar 3D team are active professors, former teachers, or current students — giving us firsthand awareness of the challenges faced in today's classroom. Couple that with the vast network of teacher advocate and ambassadors we have using and teaching with Polar 3D already, and we know we are leading the future of 3D printing education.