Filament & Parts


If the Polar Printer is your paintbrush, then filament is your paint! Thankfully, we sell a lot of colors. Pick and print to your hearts content!

  • 1Kg spool of 1.75mm PLA filament.

  • Spool dimensions are approximately 7" x 3.66"

  • Color may not be exact due to lighting of picture.

  • Colors available:

    • Black, White, Grey, Brown, Silver, Gold

    • Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow

    • Forest Green, Navy, Lime, Violet, Wood

    • Translucent Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown



Thanks to its convenient handle, some users take their Polar Printers with them! Sometimes its helpful to have a plug at home, in the classroom, and in the makerspace — so kit out your space with all the extra power you need!

  • One spare power supply for your Polar 3D Printer.  
  • 12V === 8A.


Our customers (and their printers) print a lot, and unfortunately, our printers aren't invincible (yet). After a few rolls of filament, or maybe some experimental materials like carbon, your nozzle head can get worn out. A quick spin/swap to a fresh one and you'll be good to print! 

  • 0.4mm Zinc Plate Brass Nozzle 


Is your build queue fast and furious? You don't have time to clean and re-use your build plate, the world's at stake and you gotta get that next print started NOW! ...or maybe you just broke your build plate somehow. Not as exciting, but we're happy to send you a fresh build plate either way. 

  • One 8" clean-and-shiny, mirrored glass build plate


While we pride ourselves on selling a reliable printer, the classroom can be an almost comically unpredictable environment, so we sell an extended warranty. Any problems, parts, or errors with your printer will be taken care of in any way we can. Plus when you call for support, you'll get a real person on the phone who knows about fixing Polar3D printers and understands the common frustrations of 3D printing.