GE Additive Education Program

Additive education program details, webinar schedule, and informational links

GE Additive Education Program Training

Webinars are designed to give program members the basic tools and necessary know-how they need to successfully use and integrate their 3D printers into the classroom. Three training videos will be released, with webinars scheduled to review the material covered in each video. Video subjects are:

Videos will be available on the Polar 3DYouTube channel. Each video release will be followed with three respective webinars allowing program members to ask questions and discuss the training videos. Webinars will be given through GoToWebinar and will be registered for on the calendar below. Questions for each webinar will be collected prior to meeting. 

Supplemental Training Videos

Additional videos will be made available for those looking to further their experience through the GE Additive Education Program. Supplemental video topics are:

  • MakersEmpire, Tinkercad and BlocksCAD
  • 3D Printer Advanced Knowledge
  • Project Based Learning
  • Polar Cloud and Octoprint

Supplemental webinars will be also be available on the Polar3D YouTube channel.


Looking for More?

Our team is prepared to assist in your school's success. If you require additional training, sign up for a private session webinar below. 


Technical Support

Looking for answers not found in the webinars? Having an issue with your printer? You can find more information from our Support Page or enter a support ticket using the form below.

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