The Polar Cloud - What is it?

3D Print From Anywhere


Polar Cloud is building the largest 3D printing ecosystem in the world, ushering in a new era of convenience, flexibility and connectivity to 3D printing.

With Polar Cloud you can upload, adjust and print a 3D design to a Polar Cloud Enabled 3D printer using any browser on any device you want. Whether your printer is another room, another building or on the other side of the world, it’s no problem.

Want to manage your 3D printing from your home? Your car? The park? Easy.

Want to to share a 3D model with a colleague? Sure.

Want to collaborate with designers on the other side of the world? You can.

Need to rapidly expand your 3D printing capacity? Polar Cloud has you covered.

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How Does it Work?


1. Create a 3D design using your favourite software.

2. Upload your 3D design(s) to Polar Cloud.

3. Adjust and preview your work using our intuitive interface.

4. Print.

That's it.

Polar Cloud works on any browser or any device, so you can easily manage your 3D printing from anywhere with an internet connection. 


What is Polar Cloud?


When you join Polar Cloud, you join a global network of Polar Cloud Enabled printers. You can use Polar Cloud to easily connect one printer, or efficiently manage an entire print lab. Better still - you can connect with the Polar Cloud community to access other Polar Cloud Enabled 3D printers. Avoid bottle necks when you have a lot to print, or put your printer to work when you don't. It's up to you.


What Is a Polar Enabled Printer?


Until now, every 3D printer has handled the 3D print process differently. Users have been required to familiarise themselves with different software, different file protocols, different interfaces and different means of connection (USB, SD cards, cables, WiFi...) each time they connect to a new 3D printer.

Polar Cloud Enabled 3D printers eliminate the confusion. One workflow. One interface. No cables.

Polar Cloud Enabled Printers

FlashForge Inventor IIs

FlashForge Inventor IIs

Dremel 3D45

Dremel 3D45

Polar 3D

Polar 3D