We've got a few fluid documents to help you get started or get back up and printing.

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Getting Started & Connectivity Guide - v2.0

You've got a Polar 3D Printer, and you want to get printing — we don't blame you, download this PDF guide to getting started and be printing in minutes!  And if you're having connectivity issues, we've got some solutions there as well!


Polar Filament MSDS Sheets

While 3D Printing filament is about as safe as plastic can get, some places require special sheets, called MSDS documents to accompany items when they are brought into an environment. If you know what MSDS sheets are and need them, then we have you covered. 


Replacing the SD Card

Its pretty rare, but when the SD Card needs replacing, you'll be sent one from our support team. This guide will walk you through the process of doing a swap of the SD card. While opening up your 3D printer is normally not something we recommend, this should make it as easy and painless as possible.


Polar 3D Support Guide - v1.0

The tome of all tomes, the big codex of Polar knowledge. Download this and use its vast knowledge to understand every inch of you Polar printer. Polar Ambassadors and hardcore tinkerers in the community? This one's for you. This document is always in flux, so we'll be sure to update our customers as this improves.


Polar-Proof 3D Print Quality Guide - v0.5

Having some print quality troubles? This guide helps you identify -and- solve commonly seen problems in 3D printing. There's so much 3D smarts in this guide, it should help you even if you don't own a Polar printer — we're nice folks like that. 


Polar 3D Service Plan

Polar 3D Limited Warranty