While we do offer scheduled live webinars for district groups and training existing customers, it'd be nearly impossible to find a webinar time that fits into the busy schedules of the educators and administrators that are interested in our platform of products. Therefore, we created a comprehensive webinar experience that you can have on your time schedule. Below is the full webinar, provided by our Director of Product Development, David Parrott. He walks you through the entire Polar 3D platform, including the basic features & benefits of the Polar 3D Printer, STEAMtrax Curriculum, and Polar Cloud. Like our live webinars, this virtual edition lasts roughly 1 hour, but you can start and pause the webinar to your heart's content, whenever you have the time to watch.

After you've finished watching the webinar, we've got a slew of helpful and informative documents that can help you, other stakeholders, or purchasing decision makers better understand and get excited about bringing the Polar 3D Platform and STEAMtrax into your classroom, school district, or makerspace.

Webinar Attendee Additional Info Guide

Polar 3D Printer Spec Sheet

STEAMtrax Curriculum Brochure

STEAMtrax Curriculum Standards Alignment Grid

Polar 3D Sample Professional Development Agenda

Polar3D Education Team Bios

STEAMTRAX High School Brochure

Polar 3D Pricing Sheet (as of 08/2016)

Still have questions that are unique to your school, district, or makerspace? Feel free to email us your questions using the submission form at the bottom of the page.

Ready to buy? Head over to shop.polar3d.com or click the "SHOP" link in the navbar. From there, you can browse items, add them to your cart and can even generate your own unique quote using our shop! (To generate a quote, proceed to checkout as normal and when you reach "Payment Method" click "Quote For Purchase Orders" and one will be emailed to you after completing your order!)


We also offer a more robust Professional Development session which involves in-person teaching and presentation to a larger group if your school or organization are interested. As there are many factors which determine the cost and efficiency with which we can provide this service, we do ask that you request a quote. In the form below, please provide how much time your group has for development, the location we would be traveling to and the level of instructor you would be interested in. We will have a quote for you in 3-5 business days.

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