Additive Education Program


Features Overview

The Additive Education Program (“AEP”) is creating an ecosystem of 3D printing in education by giving students of all ages access to additive manufacturing. By applying today, you are taking the first step to bringing new engagement and excitement for STEM in you or your students’ classroom.


Over the course of two years, the Additive Education Program has reached 1,000 schools worldwide. Schools in the Additive Education Program gain access to 3D printers,


Primary and Secondary Schools

The Program is building an ecosystem for 3D printing in education by networking students, machines and content via an online platform, the Polar Cloud. Educators and students from participating schools join the Polar Cloud to access the tools being provided under the Program, including 3D printers, curricula, design software, apps, competitions and more in a collaborative and secure environment.

District Wide Solution

Districts are encouraged to apply to the Additive Education Program as an opportunity to install a uniform 3D printing solution across all their schools.