With free remote monitoring, out-of-the-box cloud integration, and the ability to share your printers, objects and settings with others, the Polar Cloud will reenergize your class's 3D printing workflow.


Many claim "cloud" usage for your 3D Printer but still require tethering to a computer or host of some sort - The Polar Cloud is the only platform supports your 3D Printers right out of the box. We're hard at work engaging with your favorite manufacturers and adding more printers all the time. Check out our list of compatible printers.




Manipulate objects in our web based slicer, adjusting everything from scale to infill to layer heights and fan settings.



Want to find that one object you printed that one time but don't have the file any more? The Polar Cloud keeps track of your print history, so you're never without your files. It also...

  • Maintains a print queue - add your print when you're ready and (not just when the printer is!)
  • Takes snapshots and time-lapse videos of your prints
  • Allows for sharing with as many users, groups, classes or clubs as you like. Control their permissions and keep track of their activity
  • Stores usage statistics between dates - see filament usage, user name and more.


Easily switch between all of your 3D Printers, queuing prints, monitoring jobs in progress, tweaking settings and more.



Start, pause and stop jobs from anywhere in the world. Does your camera indicate that a job is failing but you're not near the printer? Save your time and filament with the Polar Cloud.



Allow your students to share objects with you and request different colors and materials - all done remotely.




When you join the Polar Cloud, you join a global network of Polar Cloud Enabled printers. You can use the Polar Cloud to easily connect one printer, or efficiently manage an entire print lab. Better still - you can connect with the Polar Cloud community to access other Polar Cloud Enabled 3D printers that are shared with you. Avoid bottle necks when you have a lot to print, or put your printer to work when you don't. It's up to you.